Tina Dabi IAS

Tina Dabi IAS – Facts and Biography

Tina Dabi IAS is the main position holder for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) test in the year 2016.

In any case, she is a Delhiite, then a Kashmiri Babu, and from that point on, she is an IAS official. She not only passed the UPSC exam in the first attempt, but she also got the first position and became known as a symbol for some.

Tina Dabi passed her UPSC common administration tests in 2016, after which she joined IAS around the same time and had been studying for a long time. in October 2018, she accepted her most memorable posting.

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5’4″/1.63m
  • Weight 55 kgs/121 lbs
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: black
  • Figure measurements: 34-28-34 (approx)

Personal Details

Tina Dani is an IAS official. She is the daughter of Jaswant Dabi and Himani Dabi. Her father, Jaswant Dabi, is the General Manager of BSNL, and her mother, Himani Dabi, is a former IES official.Tina Dabi (IAS) has a younger sister named Ria Dabi. By religion, she is hidden while a portion of her relatives follow Buddhism.Dabi is from the Scheduled Caste and the first person from the SC station to clear UPSC in the first attempt to obtain the first rank.

On the twentieth of March 2018, Tina Dabi and Athar Amir Khan pursued marriage, and on the seventh of April, they got married by conveying every one of the ceremonies. Their court marriage was performed at a court arranged in Jaipur, Rajasthan, while their strict marriage was held at the Pahalgam Club, Pahalgam, Kashmir.

Tina Dabi IAS

Education and Profession

Tina Dabi (IAS) needed to take up B.Com after her tutoring, but in the long run, she took up B.A. Political Theory. Tina was exceptionally energetic about clearing the UPSC common administration test and began planning for it from the very first year of her school. Both her folks, Jaswant Dabi and Himani Dabi, cleared UPSC IES (Indian Engineering Services) at first. This, likewise, added to her assurance of clearing UPSC.

Tina Dabi never felt that clearing UPSC was extreme, or that the time had become time-consuming. Dabi said that she cherished reading, regardless of whether it was for extended periods of time. She used to concentrate for 10, 12 and, surprisingly, 14 hours every day while planning for UPSC and never accepted it as a weight since she appreciated contemplating. Her mother was extremely steady all along, and this help helped her exams while planning for UPSC.

As per her understanding, concentration, love, and backing from family are the mantras for achieving her goal. Tina had always been a virtuoso, with perfect scores in Political Science and History on ICSE twelfth-grade papers.She was recognised as the student of the year at Lady Shri Ram College.

Tina Dabi took confirmation in RAU’s IAS concentrate on circle, New Delhi, when she was only 18 years of age. She read for extended periods of time and followed a reasonable schedule and timetable for each subject.Tina expected to be in the shortlist by getting the principal position, which resembled a fantasy for her, which worked out. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal saluted her for getting the primary situation right in clearing UPSC tests.

Current Updates

Tina Dabi or Tina Dabi Khan after her marriage with Athar Amir Khan in 2018. Their marriage lasted for a very short time, and they got separated in August 2021. Tina also maintains a blog under this name, where she keeps people up to date on her life. She is right now posted as Joint Secretary of the Finance Department, Rajasthan.

Recently, on April 22, 2022, Dabi was married to 2013 batch IAS officer Pradeep Gawande, who is also three years senior to her and is currently posted as Director of Archeology and Museums, Rajasthan.

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